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Carden books

The following are only available direct from me at

CARDEN MISCELLANY 3 (70 pages - £4)

The following (apart from the first item) are available both from me and from where brief mentions of their contents appear.
REPORT ON THE 2008 CARDEN GATHERING, Ed Tim Carden (64 colour pages £10.23)
CARDEN OF BARNANE (2004 - 366 pages - £12.28)
CARDEN OF EAST KENT 2006 (£5.20)
CARDEN OF TONBRIDGE 2007 (with minor revisions and Carden of Chatham added 2010 - £7.00)
CARDEN OF BRIGHTON, by David and Arthur Carden (New 2009 edition £8.69)
CARDEN OF TEMPLEMORE 2013 (360 pages - £12.00)
THE CARDEN DNA PROJECT (latest edition early 2012, frequently revised - £5.00)
CARDEN OF CHESHIRE and the Cheshire Carden diaspora in America and elsewhere (2nd edition 2014  - £9.00)
CARDEN IN AMERICA compiled by Chuck Carden (2012; over 500 pages - £16.00)

The first item above, by Tim Carden, will be found to be missing from the above site, not having been written by me.  To obtain a copy go to and enter CARDEN in the search box.

Barnane and Templemore above are also available in libraries in Tipperary and and may still be available from the Walsh bookshop in Templemore for € 40 and € 25 respectively, the latter at the same price from Bookworm in Thurles.

Those from other countries can discover the cost in their own currency by visiting the Lulu website above.

I am currently working on CARDEN OF DROMINEER AND KILLARD and on CARDEN OF MAYO/SLIGO. There are also short draft booklets on dozens of other branches: please ask me if I have written one about your branch.
More information, especially about CARDEN OF BARNANE, appears at

(This page revised January 2014)

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