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Contents List (revised March 2010)

To find any of the postings listed here it will be necessary to scroll through the main blog. I apologise for this, but have not been able to find a better way of directing readers to the items in which they are interested.


Latest news,
Carden Books,
Admiral John Surman Carden and his father,
Cardens in Scotland (posted 2010).


Cardens arrive in Virginia in the 1600s,
Templemore from the Air,
Ted’s Carden Car,
Carden Gathering September 2008,
Joan at Covent Garden 1990,
Carden Beach (US Virgin Islands),
Sir John Carden, Carden’s Bluff and Watauga Lake Tennessee,
Housing Estate at Templemore,
Party at Barnane 1862


Carden on the Moselle,
Moruya NSW,
Lionel in Mexico,
Carden Hall to rise again,
Cardon in Spain and France,
Origin of the name,
Carwardine chair,
Book Carden of Templemore,
Valentine Baker,
Audrey Carden furniture designer,
George Carden dancer,
Carden Road,
Katherine Parr’s child,
Karden (German motorcycles),
First Google blog.


Those interested to see my earlier posts (on my previous blog site) should visit
The main such postings are:


Barry DNA,
Carradine and other variants,
Barnane Cannon and School,


French origins? (Domesday Book),
Carden Schools,
Death of Bill Carden,
A Black Carden,
John Rutter Carden’s Apologia,
Ditto (continued),
Ditto (continued),
Charles Berkeley Carden (2),
Charles Berkeley Carden

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