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Sunday, 6 May 2007

Carden Hall


The picture is taken from a leaflet with the above title by Pochin Ltd announcing in about 2001 that they had been appointed by Steve Morgan to build the new Carden Hall, for completion in 2004.

The Financial Times stated in October 2004 that Steve Morgan’s biggest quoted investment is a £68m stake in De Vere, owners of the Belfry golf club and Brighton's Grand hotel, which bought his 192-bedroom Carden Park hotel, near Chester. It went on to mention that he lives in Jersey but also mentions “Carden Hall, the £8m regency-style country house that he is building in Cheshire to house his young second family on their return to England."

An article in the journal Builder in 2005 about Steve Morgan said: at the mention of Carden Hall he makes it clear that he is something of a stroppy customer himself. “I’m so busy with this bloody house, it’s driving me nuts,” he says. “Once the house is finished I can work something close to a normal week.” And, naturally, the problem with the house is the builders. “It’s always the builders,” he grumbles.

Footnote (added December 2008): By courtesy of Mrs Morgan about thirty Carden family members visited the new Carden Hall in September 2008 and were most impressed. Several photographs of the new building can be seen at

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