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Wednesday, 30 May 2007


C Octavia Carden (1868-1954) married Gus Edwardes of Sealyham, Pembrokeshire. When he owned Sealyham, Gus's elder brother created the Sealyham breed of terriers, and Octavia became a renowned breeder and judge of Sealyhams. The Sealyham Terrier Club will hold its Centenary show at Sealyham Mansion on April 13 next year. Henry Sutliff of Pebble Beach, California, is writing a multi-volume book to commemmorate the occasion, with which I am helping. It will include a full biography of Octavia.

Octavia later married Victor Higgon and as Octavia Higgon wrote a number of delightful illustrated manuscripts regarding the King, Carden and other families, some of which are now in my possession. She was my great-aunt, daughter of Charles Wilson Carden of the Barnane branch.

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