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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Cardens arrive in Virginia in the 1600s


The following is to be found at From Branch Jackson Carden, Jr.:

"Into this area, in the year 1642, moved ROBERT CARDEN recently a migrant colonist from the British Isles. The land grant office in Richmond now contains the records of these early immigrants who came to the eastern shore of Virginia from 1623 to 1666. The original lists have been indexed in recent years. During the 43-year period approximately 25,000 colonists entered the Virginia Colony. Many came with land grants obtained before embarking from England. Others came as headrights for other individuals who already possessed land grants or for companies organized by British firms for the purpose of establishing grants. ROBERT CARDEN is listed as a headright for Abraham Turner and Co. Whether or not he was also an indentured servant is not known, but he did, eventually, acquire land of his own."

After claiming that Robert Carden above was a brother of the first JOHN CARDEN of Tipperary, he continues -A number of other Cardens came to the Virginia Colony from England in the1600s, among these are:-
1635, March 28 - Joseph Curden arrived on the "Speedwell", listed as age 22;
1642 - Another Robert Cardin arrived, this time from Hillington Parish,Middlesex;
1642 - John Carden arrived;1650, October 18 - Grigory Cordon arrived transported by Lewis Burwell;
1663, June 3 - Edwin Cordon arrived transported by John Hughlett;
1672, March 23 - Roger Carden arrived transported by Edward Revell;
1672 - Robert Cardin arrived transported by Thomas Gouldman;
1674, April 8 - James Carder arrived transported by Richard Whitehead.

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