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Sunday, 3 October 2010


Those interested in canals should study the following books -

The Worcester and Birmingham Canal: Chronicles of the Cut by Revd. Alan White, 2005. Thomas Carden of Worcester (see my book on that branch) was one of the original promoters of this canal and a member of the committee all through its construction and chairman most of the time. He continued to be actively involved until 1827 at the age of 89.

The Anderton Boat Lift by David Carden, Black Dwarf Publications, 2000. See my book "Carden of Tonbridge."

The boat pictured here is believed to belong to David Carden of the Chalfont branch.  He and half a dozen other members of his immediate family came to the 1998 Gathering and all stayed at the Carden Park Hotel.  Subsequently they adopted a pheon-like symbol for their firm, which appears on the boat, I'm glad to see.  You will find it on their website at  



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