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Monday, 22 June 2015

Exciting news about Molesey, Worcester and other ‘Cheshire’ branches

Carol Smith of the Matlock branch has made some exciting speculations about the forebears of the Molesey, Worcester, Winsford, Randle, Monmouth and Bendigo branches, all of which have chapters in my book CARDEN OF CHESHIRE.

For instance, it is now almost certain that the earliest previously known member of the Molesey branch was a brother of an early member of the Worcester branch. The former branch included the Lord Mayor of London, the latter the mayor of Worcester. Carol has carried both these branches back, via Shropshire, to John and Margery who lived in 1600 at Caldecott, Cheshire, near Carden Hall.

Carol has also found fascinating information about the forebears of the other ‘Cheshire’ branches mentioned above.

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