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Sunday, 25 February 2007

Brighton Gathering 2008

(Note. This posting was edited on 12 July and the above picture, which appeared in The Brighton & Hove Leader on 31 May, added. The article in the Leader said: "But the best memorials to Sir Herbert are the Pylons at the entrance to Brighton on the A23. He paid half the £2,000 cost himself. Now that the road is a dual carriageway, it would be a fitting tribute to a man known as the maker of modern Brighton if a third could be added.")

A very successful Carden Gathering was held near the hamlet of Carden in Cheshire in 1998, attended by 150 family members from nine different countries. A 65-page report is available - see the web site which appears in the Profile for this blog.

Plans are now being made for another such Gathering to be held on the tenth anniversary, September 2008. The venue will probably be Brighton, England, where there is the greatest concentration of UK Cardens at present. Sir Herbert Carden, mayor in the 1920s, was known as "the maker of modern Brighton." A photograph of his portrait in the Council offices appears here, and it is hoped that a new photograph, not marred by reflections, can soon be obtained. (Double-click on image to enlarge it)

A draft book Carden of Brighton was added in July 2007 to the series of books published by Arthur Carden using and can be purchased from them. It is intended that a much-improved version will be published for the Gathering, and comments on the draft are invited.
Comments on these plans, and offers of help, will be welcomed by Arthur Carden at

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