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Saturday, 3 March 2007

Carwardine Chair

In 1994 the chair illustrated here was displayed in the Stuart Room of London Wall Museum with the following notes. Presented by Mr Thomas Cawarden, 1618 [1681 per the curator]. A gift from Mr Thomas Cawarden 4th June 1618. Master's Chair of the Framework Knitters Company, late 17th century. The chair bears the coat of arms of King Charles II at his Restoration above the elaborate carving of the Carwardine coat of arms, displaying a full griffin.
(double-click image to enlarge)

Research is needed to elaborate these slightly confusing notes. The sling and pheons were used both by the Carden family of Cheshire and the Carwardine family of Hereford.

Photograph and notes given to Arthur Carden 7th May 1994 by Mrs Preston.

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