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Thursday, 13 March 2008

Carden Beach, US Virgin Islands

A condominium development with the above name was promoted in 1990 and the following is taken from the sales brochure.

Archive maps reveal that a portion of the Carden Beach property was acquired in 1739 by James Barrow, who started a cotton plantation. By marrying the Widow Barrow, William Coakley, Sr. assumed ownership in 1745, and the stone and coral mills were built by 1754.

In 1781, by consolidating the Barrow parcel with the adjacent Thayler and Potter lands, John Carden, son-in-law of John Coakley, Sr., formed Carden Plantation, which remained in the Carden family for nearly half a century, producing sugar, then molasses and rum.

In the two hundred years since John Carden first walked this shoreline and gazed toward Buck Island, the land has found its place in history. A battery was constructed here in 1794 to protect Carden residents from seafaring privateers . . .

(Perhaps this was connected in some way with the John Carden who served in the Caribbean at the time of the American Revolutionary War)

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