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Thursday, 13 March 2008

Sir John Carden

(revised 16 Oct 2008)
The funeral of Sir John Craven Carden, the seventh baronet, took place at St Paul's Knightsbridge on Monday April 14th 2008. His ancestor, Sir John Craven Carden of Templemore, was created a baronet in 1787.
I was with him a few days before his death. Having ignored many approaches during the past 30 years, in the final six months of his life he invited me to visit him several times and kindly gave me many pictures and reminiscences, some of which appear in my recent book Carden of Templemore.

The picture shows the new eighth baronet, Sir John Craven Carden born 1953, a distant relative of the seventh, with his wife Celia and son Patrick. John and Celia were present at the Carden Gathering in September.

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