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Monday, 29 March 2010

A Cardin family in St. Kitts

Readers may like to visit where they can read more about the Richard Cardin who was sent by the Earl of Romney to manage his estates in the Caribbean island of St Kitts. Richard may have been baptised at Lewes in 1762 and died in the USA after 1833. He had previously helped to develop sugar cane in India. He appears in my book Carden of Brighton both as Richard Carden and as Richard Cardin. The above web site is being created by Margo McPhillips of Maryland and adds a great deal to the information which appears in Carden of Brighton and was provided by Margo's second cousin Virginia Ness, also of USA.

The above illustration appears on the web site with the caption: “… St. Thomas, Middle Island (St. Kitts) dated December 1867. John and Agnes were married here and John and his father and several Cardin children are buried in the graveyard. …”


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