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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Tower near the Devil's Bit

Those who joined the visit to Tipperary which followed the 2008 Carden Gathering (and others) will be interested to see this excellent picture of the tower near the Devil's Bit which appears in Michael Fewer's recent book Rambling Down the Suir. Click once on the picture, and again after a short delay, to enlarge it. Near the top right of the picture (beyond the modern house) can be seen the remains of Barnane House, the Carden mansion, and beyond it the field in which the Carden graveyard lies. Robert Rainsberry, who assisted John Rutter Carden in his 1856 attempted abduction of Eleanor Arbuthnot, lived in the tower in 1851.  I have written to ask Michael Fewer for permission to use the picture in the next edition of Carden of Barnane.


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