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Monday, 19 March 2012

Carden in America


The above book is now available from where the following description will be found -

With encouragement from Arthur Carden, Chuck Carden has agreed to make available for posterity, in book form, a large part of his research on the family, which includes entries for over 5,900 Carden descendants and spouses living in USA. They mostly descend from one or more immigrants from Cheshire, England. An attempt is made to indicate which Carden males have submitted samples for DNA analysis and what conclusions can be drawn. Though only twelve branches of the family in America are covered the book will be of widespread interest. Purchase now is advised, as the next edition in a few months' time will be more expensive.

The next, more expensive, edition will contain only minor improvements such as better artwork on the cover.

I personally believe that this 570-page book, densely packed with information and with an excellent index, should be in the library of every American member of the family, whether they belong to one of the twelve branches or not.


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