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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tilston and Carden Hall

While revising my Carden of Cheshire book mentioned below, I contacted Jane Stephenson who gave us such a wonderful talk in 1998 about the early history of the family in Cheshire, and she has sent her best wishes to all of us and writes "I do only occasional forays into Landscape History nowadays as I am currently ‘Rector’ of Tilston (more accurately I am ‘priest-in-charge') and find my opportunities for history curtailed, although it gives me plenty of chance to add information about the ecclesiastical  history!"  We owe her a great debt, and what she told us has been very frequently quoted and has become part of family lore.

In this context, readers might like to visit a site drawn to my attention by Eddie Carden of USA, which gives a great deal of information about the history and archaeology of the Carden Hall site, without once mentioning our family!

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