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Friday, 5 December 2014

Templemore no longer has a Mayor!

A group of us visited Templemore as an extension of the Carden Gathering in 2008, and were entertained wonderfully by Jim O’Shea, the mayor of Templemore.  Now, in 2014, the Templemore Town Council has ceased to exist, being replaced by the Templemore-Thurles Municipal District. Tipperary has been divided into five such districts.  The excellent web site with its many pictures and historical snippets including Carden items has vanished.  Jim has however set up a Templemore Community Council, and let us hope that it will ensure some continuity.

 Another feature that has ceased to exist is Paul Walsh’s bookshop in the Main Street, established by his grandfather, author of a history of Templemore. It used to stock my books, but they can still be found in the library, I am glad to say.


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