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Monday, 19 January 2015

Lockwood family of Cashel, Tipperary

Those who have a copy of Carden of Templemore will have seen the a chapter on the Lockwood family, which intermarried with members of the Carden family on no less than six occasions, and were important people in the locality, especially in Cashel. 

 Roger Carden Depper has studied the family in depth. He writes that he would very much like some help with Richard Lockwood who may have been born in about 1660. Did he come from England with Cromwell?  He was buried at St John Church, Cashel on 16 March 1735. In 1713/1714 he was Mayor and then Alderman of Cashel.  He and his son Richard had vested interests in the development of the Town of Cashel.   They were involved in land transactions with the Smith/Barry estate and the Church.  Land agents.  In a letter dated 1700 Ann Wansbrough states that her sister Lucy had married her steward and clerk Richard Lockwood.  The Wansbrough family came from Shrewton in Wiltshire.

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