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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Dr Thom Carden - USA branches

Many of you will have seen Dr Thom Carden’s chart at

It is an amazing diagram showing how twelve or more of the USA branches are connected.

I was put in touch with Dr Thom in about 2007 by Chuck (see item about him below). He sent me a copy of his chart, and he also sent me a massive document listing 1,400 Cardens and Cardins in USA. He said he “found this on a disk in my New Year clean up time.“  He must have carried out a huge amount of research and corresponded with a great many people. If anyone would like me to search the document for a specific Carden ancestor, I will be glad to do that for them.

Dr Thom appears in Chuck’s book as Thomas Ray Carden , born 19 May 1931 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.  He married (1) Shirley Ann Towles ; (2) Anita Van Natter.  I think he must have died in about 2010.  Does anyone have more information and perhaps a photograph of him?

Della Ford Nash writes:  after reading your blog I wanted to send you this picture of Thom Carden and his wife Anita from a letter received in 1990.    Anita died in February 2014 but I believe Dr Thom may still be alive as he commented on the Mormon History blog in April 2014.


For more of Della’s letter please contact me.



Anonymous said...

He is still alive and doing well!

Hart said...

Thank you for posting this. I have been doing genealogy research and submitted DNA to ancestry. My great grandmother was a Carden of Indiana and I have been completely stuck and can not figure out any family members beyond her. I hope I find some hints, but if not thank you so much for all the posts and research!

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