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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Dr Thom Carden - USA branches

Many of you will have seen Dr Thom Carden’s chart at

It is an amazing diagram showing how twelve or more of the USA branches are connected.

I was put in touch with Dr Thom in about 2007 by Chuck (see item about him below). He sent me a copy of his chart, and he also sent me a massive document listing 1,400 Cardens and Cardins in USA. He said he “found this on a disk in my New Year clean up time.“  He must have carried out a huge amount of research and corresponded with a great many people. If anyone would like me to search the document for a specific Carden ancestor, I will be glad to do that for them.

Dr Thom appears in Chuck’s book as Thomas Ray Carden , born 19 May 1931 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.  He married (1) Shirley Ann Towles ; (2) Anita Van Natter.  I think he must have died in about 2010.  Does anyone have more information and perhaps a photograph of him?

Della Ford Nash writes:  after reading your blog I wanted to send you this picture of Thom Carden and his wife Anita from a letter received in 1990.    Anita died in February 2014 but I believe Dr Thom may still be alive as he commented on the Mormon History blog in April 2014.


For more of Della’s letter please contact me.


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Anonymous said...

He is still alive and doing well!

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